PROGRAMMING LINK1: C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and many more languages to learn here. LINK2: If you want to learn a lot about JavaScript, MeteorJS, ChartJS and other JS frameworks then you are on the right place. LINK3: Probably the most famous guy on the YouTube with his programming tutorials in every language you can… Continue reading Resources


my research on hyip

on hyip hosting : choose an anonymous dns hosting service Company registration info – HYIP mapping – So, here are tips for owners of HYIP: Do not open the program with the idea to cheat. You can get more of a long-term project even if you are not a forex trader or… Continue reading my research on hyip

Which Quora user should I follow on Quora? Why?

Academia — Marcia J. Bates, Seb Paquet, Inna Vishik, Jay Wacker Accounting — Wray Rives, Peter Baskerville, Garrick Saito, Vikrant Hardas Advertising and Advertisements — Tom Goodwin African Wildlife — Logan Forbes, Rory Young Air Travel — Rakesh Agrawal, Michael McGraw-Herdeg, Raj Misra, Michael Molesky, Alex Stoll, Dan Zeehandelaar Airlines Pilot — Tim Morgan, Tom… Continue reading Which Quora user should I follow on Quora? Why?