My preparation notes for Wells Fargo interview-Geneos

Geneos layers and components

1. visualization layer -> active console
2. analysis and correlation layer -> gateways : hosted on central server, which does scheduled checks, rules
3. instrumentation layer -> netprobe : lightweight process hosted on application server, that collects the sample data and communicates to gateway


managed entity
dataview : the data that is collected by netprobe displayed as table called dataview
managed variable : a single cell in dataview

for each server to monitor in prod, 2 netprobes are required one in prod and other in dev/test environment

installing netprobes on server.

get NPCtrl file from repo -> this is DB internal tool

to restart netprobes
./NPCtrl -c restartAll

enable watchdog to restart if any probe is down
./NPCtrl -c watchdog ALLPROBES

1. add managed entity
select type and environment -> added in environment variables
2. add type
select sampler name
3. add sampler
select the plugin name

1. FKM
in basic tab, mentione the file name. in tables, select key for the item to search
2. Process
give process username/ process search criteria
3. MQ
select mq queue name and mq server name (svrconn)
4. toolkit
used for custom scripts: gve pathname of script with arguments
script output should be in csv form. ie. separated by commas.
frst row indicates the heading
5. sql toolkit

4. Rules:
select the target, evaluate path
option to select a specific managed entity, sampler or all
set – variable declaration
e.g : set $(cnf) target “managedEntityName” “rowName”
set $(cnf) format(“abc %s %f,target “managed entty”,$(abc))
else if
path – to get other dataview
configuring email alert

if value like “*abc*”
delay 2samples : check after 2 samples
severity ok/warning/critical
userdata “_USERDATA” “”
userdata “SUBJECT” $(cnf)
run “EMAIL”

5. Authentication:
select usename
allow system authentication
allow login
and group users by their access

6. active times:
to specify the time the sampler/rule must be active.


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