Halo effect

What are the things that are going to be truly memorable to people. Is it your degree, the internship/job that you’ve done/doing. Of course not! What’s interesting is the things that make us contrarian, the things that give us our unique advantages like winning a Muay Thai Fight, running a marathon,do a triathlon etc.,

Everyone has these kinds of or similar kinds of experiences that makes you unique and it’s your unique experience that constitute the person you are today, that will give you an unfair advantage over everybody else that is in applicant pool.

Whatever it is that you’re doing, your singular and combination of experiences are different from others in the applicant pack. Of course, in today’s age, let’s be frank and think about the kind of things you click on in your facebook news feed, think about the kinds of conversation that you had. Does any one really cares about where you studied, what you studied, the finance or advertising internship that you’ve done?No. You wanna hear about a person who did 100 km bike ride or gone to Mozambique or done something in Himalayas. These are the unique experiences that we really connect with.

Halo effect

Let’s talk about something called the halo effect, coined by Edward Thorndike.

The halo effect is a cognitive bias in which an observer’s overall impression of a person, company, brand, or product influences the observer’s feelings and thoughts about that entity’s character or properties

Simply  put, it’s the idea that, based on limited information that we have about somebody, we fall into trap that we call confirmation bias, wherein positive feelings in one area cause ambiguous or neutral traits to be viewed positively. So, based on little that you know about that guy who approaches you at the bar or that girl whom you approach at the bar, you make a decision about everything else. The converse also holds true.

This is a really interesting thing about life,isn’t it? because, on the basis of the small information that all know about you, all then make assumptions about all the other things that you can do.

Finally, the key take away from this is to build unique experiences and share them online and take advantage of the halo effect 🙂

This post is based on the Tedx talk of Deepak Shukla



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