At what age did you know what you wanted to do with your life?

Last night I was watching a TV debate in a local channel where the topic was People with Degrees vs Travelers. One of them sitting there ,a 54 years old gentleman, had140 Professional Degrees !! Mind = Blown isn’t it ?

A little guy on the other side,a traveler with one degree, asked this man “ Did you really know what you wanted to do with your life? If you did, then you wouldn’t have taken your life on zigzag ride of degrees which don’t have anything in common :P” . Rightly said isn’t it ? The reason I gave this example is , not everyone gets to know what they want to do with their life and there isn’t any particular age at which you get to know that. If that was the case, life would’ve been more simpler and easier. This man here still doesn’t feel complete after doing all that degrees. Like, seriously ?

Life has this weird style of inspiring you now and then with bizarre stuffs from time to time. One time you want to become a doctor, the other time an artist or may be a musician. It keeps changing every time you get inspired by something better. You feel your heart beats faster when you do a particular thing and then you land in a conclusion that, whatever made you feel good is the purpose of your life. Later you find something else even more awesome. There we go, back to square one.

Age 5– I paint well. I love colors. I want to be a painter.

Age 8 – I see airplanes for the first time. Now I wanna become a pilot.

Age 10– I watch some Hollywood movies. I want to be Spider-man. That ain’t possible .Let me wait, till I get bit by a genetically modified spider.

Age 12– Nah! Batman makes more sense. I’ll fight crime when I grow up.

Age 14 – I realize it is difficult to become whatever I want to become. I decide to become a scientist because A.P.J. Abdul Kalam inspired me. I make sense now.

Age 16– I land in the biology group because I scored really well. The society wants me to become a doctor.

Age 18 – I realize my marks ain’t enough to become a doctor, so I choose the engineering field. Electrical Engineering.

Age 22– I realize core companies don’t happen come to the campus placements and so I land in an IT MNC. Now I’m a software Engineer.

Age 23– I realize I suck at programming, so I resign the job and opt for government exams.

Age 24– After some die hard attempts , I manage to clear one of the exams. I become a Bank officer.

Age 26– I feel like I want to do something better in life, serve the society somehow, so I prepare for UPSC. Now I wanna become an IAS officer.

Age 29– After two failed attempts ,I feel I’ve wasted my time following the herd of UPSC aspirants. I stop here and start thinking.

Age 30 – Aha ! I can do higher studies now. How about an MBA from a reputed university. Start the CAT exam drama.

Age 31– I clear CAT. I get into MBA.

Age 33 – Placed in a reputed company which pays me 50 lakhs per annum. So life is settled isn’t it ? Actually No.

Age 35– I should get married now, its too late already.

Age 38– I have kids, my company is taking too much of my time, I hardly find time for family.

Age 42– Enough of this crap. I’ll do my own business. Startups are cool. After all , if Steve Jobs can do it, I can as well.

Age 44– Still finding it hard to bring up that startup. My family supports me.

Age 46– I succeed. I get a 3 round funding and I’m doing great. I’ve got people working for me now.

Age 50 – 4 years of successful business. Let me travel the world now. I feel alive now.

Age 55– My kids have grown up. Two years down the lane, they would be on their own.

Age 60– Siting under a tree. On a chair, with a cup of coffee, holding a newspaper in hand, seeing my grand-kids play in the garden, I start thinking “ What did i want to do in my life?

I’ve done everything I could do. I’m happy to look back . I can now rest in peace.”

Life is not about finding your purpose, it’s about enjoying this beautiful journey.

Cheers 🙂


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