Of course, you are a failure.

If migration to the States or Europe is the yardstick that you use to measure success, you, my friend, are a massive failure.

And you are going to feel that your entire life if you do not change the way you look at things, if you don’t stop feeling sorry for yourself, if you don’t realize that you are comparing the highs of everyone’s daily life to the lows of yours.

Get off Facebook. Stop looking at people’s foursquare check-ins. Abandon Instagram.

Do you have a job? Are you satisfied? Are you sure that your friends are happier than you are? Do you think it is fair to assume that they got a bigger piece of the pie than you even though you were equally or more deserving than them? Was migrating to the above mentioned countries your aim? Or you just want to do that because everyone is?

Remember, in this age of social media frenzy, when everyone is constantly updating/manufacturing all the cool stuff they do, it is easy to get carried away. The trick is to stay cool, to get away from this once in a while, and to realize that trailers are always far better and exciting than the actual movie.

This short movie is, I believe, apt for the situation.

What’s on your mind (by the HigtonBros)


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