What did you learn from failure?

I wanted to be an engineer at the highest level!

So opted coaching for IITJEE. I went to Kota.

Worked hard for 2 years and was pretty confident about the selection.

Examination day arrived, even after giving the exam, I was pretty confident about the selection.

Later, while recalculations I realized I won’t clear the exams. The result was not in my favour. I did not clear the exams.

I thought I failed.

I decided to give it another go and took a drop. This time no Kota. I wanted to self study at home.

I expected it to be a difficult task but soon I realized it was easy. I started studying in a planned way. I realized my basics were already clear because of my preparation in kota. Everyday seemed to be a revision day.

I realized I did not fail, it was just that my preparation was not enough.

Examination day arrived. I was confident as I gave my exam. I did well. Passed the exam and secured a good enough rank.

So, by this I learned failure is when one gives up. Not passing at something is not a failure, not passing at something is just that your preparation is not enough, work a little more, you never know, success at something might just be a step away.


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