What is the biggest lesson you have learned in the corporate world?

  1. Whatever knowledge or skill you have, use only 70-80% of them at work
  2. Do not talk about your salary or job changing idea to anyone
  3. Stay away from buttering
  4. Do your work and go home on time (Most Important)
  5. Don’t be fooled by beautiful girl at workplace (By helping them in most of the work. She and you both get salary)
  6. Don’t share personal things with your colleagues or team lead
  7. Make some good friends who can help you in future
  8. Never ever get involved in politics
  9. Take a leave on time it may be paid or unpaid but must take leave to free yourself
  10. EVERYBODY WORKS ONLY for MONEY. It can be you,your colleagues,team lead,project lead,VP,CEO etc.

Remember nobody works for free in corporate world whenever money matters they will Hire you or Fire you


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