Overcome the feeling that everyone is ahead in success of life?

It is often said that life is a race and the most important thing in life is to win this race.

Some people call this race as a rat race where everyone is running and trying to go ahead without knowing why. They are looking only the people who are moving ahead of them rather than those who are left behind.

Please see the above picture of a marathon race where thousands are running.

Everyone is looking forward and trying to defeat those who are ahead than thinking about thousands of people who are even behind.

If you are writing your questions on Quora using your mobile or laptop, you are already better than at least 80–90% of Indian who don’t have even these facilities and skill.

Stop for a while and think about the people who are behind you.

You can see a huge crowd of people behind who are dreaming to come to your level

That should bring a smile to your face because that would remind you about your achievement and your success.

Rejoice your success and cherish your accomplishments.

Never say that everyone is ahead of you in life.

Complaining and comparing never accomplish anything in life.

Try your best and be happy in whatever you achieve in life.


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