The key to confidence

Imagine that you are asked to lift a weight of 40 kgs by your teacher.

If you are an ordinary person, you would find lifting this weight quite difficult and even impossible.

However, if you are a professional weightlifter, you may even lift this weight even by one hand without much effort.

We develop confidence when we feel that we can do the job better than others.

When we feel inferior to others, we lose confidence.

When you are going to attend an important meeting and you are not adequately prepared for it, there is no way you can be confident.

You improve your confidence by doing better preparation for the work.

The best way to be confident is to:-

  • Acquire more knowledge of the subject
  • Develop better skills by more practice
  • Rehearse well before any important meetings or presentation
  • Develop better command on your language to speak well in gathering
  • Remember and practice interesting stories and jokes to entertain people
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion

Don’t try to fake confidence to fool others.

Develop real confidence by developing yourself.


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