Best habit

I’ve spent the last years of my life only looking at successful people of all kinds. Studying them, learning about them, and, of course, picking up their habits as I went along.

I was coached, roasted, was in multiple “Master Mind” groups and attended live seminars. All of that being said, the best habit I probably picked up was from my good friend and coach Rafael Eliassen.

What I picked up from him was to always look at the point of what I was doing. What is my Intention?

Becoming more aware of why I am doing the tasks I am doing has opened up a lot of time, opportunities and has freed me a lot in terms of not getting distracted as much anymore.

I ask myself, as often as I can what my intention is in any given moment. So that, even when I am relaxing, I know exactly that that is the purpose of me watching a movie and that way I will not look at the clock, realize it is already 8 p.m. and that I have been watching nothing but movies all day.

Instead I will use the time more effectively and actually relax during said movie. But this also makes me more likely to use my time where it actually matters.

Using this small question (What is my Intention here?) whenever I can has allowed me to completely annihilate distractions.

If I relax, I do so with an intent and purpose, but I do not get distracted from my work anymore… unless I chose to do it, at which point it isn’t really a distraction anymore.

Most of the days we are totally unaware of what our greater purpose is in the things we do. We do not even look at why we do things and just end up doing them. Do you know why you are reading this right now? Or are you just reading it because you have nothing better to do? And if you are reading this for a greater purpose, what is that?

Become aware of your intent in everything you do and you will learn to be much more effective with the time you spend each day. You will break through all the noise you receive every day and actually do what matters.

Realizing that you have no intention when watching a YouTube video or playing a video game makes you think twice about the choices you make every day. That is not to say you cannot do either of those things, but at least do them with an intent and purpose.

There are so many things in this world that try to drag us into their worlds, so we spend hours in their realm, buying their products and being captivated by whatever they want to show us. I mean… that is how they make money, so they must be pretty good at it by now.

Stores, TV programs and every person trying to sell you something will try to get you to do it out of habit and without an intention. But when you do have an intention, you will stop following whatever comes up. You will cease to react and start to act out of your own volition.

Become aware of your intention and you will become aware of the best way to take control over your life and transform it into what you wish it to be.


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