I am 24. I want to do a lot and learn a lot. How do I manage things?

When you say that you want to do a lot and learn a lot, it implies that you don’t actually know what to do in your life.

You are just trying to do everything with the hope that at least something will work for you.

Children often dream to do everything and become everyone.

  1. When they watch a cricket match, they want to become a cricketer
  2. When they see the PM giving speech on TV, they wish to become PM
  3. When they see a movie in a theater, they wish to become a film-star
  4. When they see a pilot flying plane, they wish to become a pilot
  5. When they see tributes given to soldiers, they wish to join army

If you are still dreaming to become everything and do a lot of thing in life, it means you are still not serious about the mission of your life.

  • There is no limit on dreaming and everyone can dream whatever pleases him.
  • There is a limit on achieving because so many people are trying to achieve the same goals.

The desirable things are limited in the world and there are huge competition for getting these things.

You have to focus all your energies on one goal and try your best to fulfill your mission.

You must first come out of the mentality of DOING LOTS OF THINGS and make up your mind to select ONE THING that you wish to do most certainly.

It also means that you have to discard a lots of things which you may be planning to do now.

Only when you concentrate all your energies and focus on just one thing, you can hope to achieve something of great significance in your life.


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