What are some simple mini-habits that can change a person’s outlook on life?

For me, completely lifechanging was the habit to to set and to achieve small daily goals.

It can can be any of the kind: run 7 km before the sunrise, be more positive or start successful anti-pollution campaign. Just do it every day!

This simple habit helped me to overcome depression, and plenty of my friends either. Now it is also free and available for everyone via mychanger.org.

Just never forget that overwhelming work and study goals make your wallet full, but leave your soul exhausted. Everyone knows that, but ignores this awfully simple truth. However, your inner “self” is the most beautiful and unique thing about you. So, please, care about it. Exercise for 30 minutes every day , start a gratitude journal or fast find time to meditate before going to sleep, there are so many ways to make your inner self stronger and better!


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