What are the best tricks to keep yourself motivated?

’ll Keep it simple, these are my tips, and they get the job done!

  • Run over your ‘To Do’ list, and choose the easiest things you can do right this minute, like mails, phone calls, or scheduling an appointment. Do It.
  • Set a future date for you to execute something that you’ve been procrastinating. And commit to that date.
  • BEST ADVICE: Set a meeting with a friend, in which both of you (for each his own) are fulfilling stuff you can do with your computer/phone. This way you are both committed to each others time and to being efficient.
  • REWARD YOURSELF! decide that after you erase one of the heaviest chore you get to ______ !
  • Always always, get yourself pumped up like Rocky did, so turn up the volume. 🙂

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