Energetic day

Your day must start in a way that it give you the kick of fulfillment at the earliest.

I start my day in different ways depending upon the goal I have in mind.

When I was preparing for Civil Services Examination (CSE) while doing my M Tech in IIT Delhi, I used to get up around 5:00 AM. The hostel mess used to arrange for tea in a big container. I used to take a big glass of tea from the mess to my hostel room and start my studies at around 5:30 AM. My classes used to start around 9:00 AM. Hence, I used to have around 3 and a half hours of study completed even before I used to go for breakfast. During weekends and holidays, I used to go to breakfast at around 9:45 AM and hence by then my 4 hours of study was already over. I used to feel very happy and satisfied throughout the day after completing around 40% of the day’s work in the morning.

Nowadays, I get up around 6:00 AM. I go for a walk around 6:30 AM till 7:30 AM. Thereafter, I am on my computer doing some writing on Quora or making notes from books and other sources. Hence, by around 9–9:30 AM, I have already done a good amount of work which I consider necessary and important.

When I am writing a book, I usually write one chapter every day. The best time to write the book is in the morning. I get up as usual and go for the walk. I create an outline of the chapter during my walk. When I come back, I am ready to write. I usually complete the draft of the chapter in a single sitting. In the later part of the day, I edit the chapter, insert studies and relevant material and prepare for the next chapter.

I follow a similar type of strategy in my official work as well. I plan for the operation in the early part of the day. I call for the meeting of the officers, discuss the strategy and the plan is ready for execution in the forenoon itself.

When I accomplish many good things in the morning itself, the whole day goes quite well. I feel good and remain productive all through the day


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