Websites that Anurag Bhatia follow

Mainstream websites I visit everyday:

  • Reuters news wire for real time news
  • SumZero the absolute best community for professional investors
  • Moneycontrol and The Economic Times for India centric news and market commentary
  • SEBI, to check for new circulars, orders, press releases, reports or statistics
  •, great website to quickly look up a company’s financials
  • Quantopian, I’m honing my Python skills
  • Quora, addiction issues
  • Reddit, I have contrarian opinions about topics such as personal finance, genetically modified foods, neo-liberal economic thinking, government regulation etc which find an outlet there. Reddit is anonymous and let’s me write there freely.
  • Codecademy, learning Java here
  • Harvard Business Review, not a daily user but frequent none the less, trying to pick up management skills from here.
  • Foreign Policy, I’m really interested in foreign policy and international economics
  • Wolfram, for a math geek, this is heaven

I still enjoy reading the newspaper though

Mobile apps I use everyday:

  • Bloomberg Professional, for market wide data
  • Swiggy, because I’m always hungry
  • Fortune, Forbes and Wall Street Journal, for general business news.
  • Facebook Pages, to keep a track of how our company’s Facebook page is performing. We’re applying pretty advanced colour psychology and ontology for it.
  • for maintaining a schedule and reminders
  • A free chess app, if I’m bored

Here’s a screenshot of my home screen


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