Best Official Youtube Channels of The World’s Most Prestigious Universities

Here are some of the best (a combination of active, interesting, and renowned) official Youtube channels of world-class institutes, and some of their best videos/video series.

#1: Yale Courses – The official channel of Yale offers full length lectures on various topics, by some of the world’s leading and most-respected experts. The lectures are beautifully arranged and sorted as classes.

  • You should definitely check out the series on Financial markets by Robert J. Shiller – a 2013 Nobel prize winner in Economics for his work on “empirical analysis of asset prices”.

#2: MIT OpenCourseWare – Similar to Yale Courses, here’s the official channel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

#3: Stanford

  • The most notable video on the channel is the 2005 commencement address by the late Steve Jobs. The one where he urged the students to “connect the dots”, “to love what you do”, and “to stay hungry, stay foolish”.
  • Human Behavioral Biology: Robert Sapolsky, one of the foremost experts on Neurobiology, shares some insights into how biology shapes the various facets of our behavior – seuxality, aggression, language, and what makes us who we are.

#4: Carnegie Mellon University

Randy Paush, a professor of COmputer Science at CMU, delivered a heart-wrenching lecture just one month after he was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, and told he had 3–6 more months. Fondly called, “The Last Lecture” it has inspired many to never give up on their childhood ambitions.

#5: Harvard University

Politics requires more than voting and electoral mobilization. It requires knowledge of law, organization, identity, history, and culture. This reality is very much evident in Native American life today, where Native communities are sovereign nations within the United States, yet must still negotiate politically within a federal democratic system that at times inconsistently honors their rights, their land and water, and their ways of life.

  • Justice (Michael Sandel)

A 19-part thought-provoking series debating the morality of justice and reiterating the basic argument against law – who are we (the majority) to decide what is legal/ethical and what is not.

  • Natalie Portman’s commencement address is a treat to watch. No one would think that someone with the looks and the brains of Natalie, and with that persistent disarming smile, would have had such dark moments in her life.
  • And so is Oprah’s.

#6: Cornell University

Do check out their TEDx series.

#7: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Explained at MIT is a series of simplistic lectures on how (and why) things work.

Other good channels to check out:

  1. University of Pennsylvania
  2. caltech
  3. UCBerkeley
  4. Princeton University
  5. Brown University
  6. University of Oxford
  7. Cambridge University

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