Project management

A. Books

B. Courses

  • YouSkillUP – PMP : A free courses that is also worth 40 PDUs (Professional Development Units)

C. Lectures and video tutorials

D. Podcasts

From: Project Management Hacks

28. The Project Management Podcast. (Hosted by Cornelius Fichtner)

Hosted by Cornelius Fichtner, the project management podcast comes has free and paid episodes. As with many podcasts, Cornelius focuses on interviews. His interview with X about risk changed my thinking and prompted me to write about project risk management.

Tip: You can earn 30 free PDUs (Category C) on the website by listening to podcasts and using the recommended documentation procedure.

29. Project Management for The Masses. (Hosted by Cesar Abeid).

Hosted by Cesar Abeid, PM for the Masses includes a variety of guests that discus agile project management, managing the Olympics and the importance of writing. I’m happy to support this podcast since Cesar is from Canada too.

30. The People and Projects Podcast (Hosted by Andy Kaufman).

Run by Andy Kaufman, the People and Projects Podcast offers both free and paid podcasts. Listeners can also find a guide to books on project management on the podcast website. Past episodes have explored project failure, feedback and negotiating skills.

Tip: Like the Project Management Podcast mentioned above, you can earn free PDUs by listening to this podcast. It’s simply a question of time and having the discipline to document your efforts.

31. EconTalk (Hosted by Russ Roberts).

Do you like economics? Do you understand economics? I hope you answered “yes” to both questions. EconTalk offers in-depth commentary and analysis on a wide range of economic matters. In the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2007-2009, this podcast gave me excellent insight into how the crisis unfolded.

In production since 2006, EconTalk is one of the longest running podcasts I’ve encountered. The quality of the conversations, often focused on new books, is outstanding. If you’re tired of the shallow coverage of economic matters on television, try out EconTalk.

Tip: Understanding how the economy works, the role of incentives and other economic principles is important to every organization. To get you started, listen to this fascinating exploration of opportunity cost: Ticket Scalping and Opportunity Cost.

32. I Love Marketing (Hosted by Dean Jackson and Joe Polish).

Once upon a time, I didn’t think about marketing very much. You might be thinking that you’re not an entrepreneur or not in a sales role so marketing has no relevance to you. Marketing is about getting people to take action and the roles of persuasion.

As a project manager, you know the importance of improving your persuasion abilities. How else will you get the staff and resources you need to successfully complete your project?

33.Manager Tools.

Along with Career Tools, Manager Tools is the best podcast I have ever seen for ideas to improve your results, network and the rest of your professional life. In particular, Manager Tools is outstanding at explaining DiSC, a personality/behavior profile instrument.

Recommended Podcasts: Building Your Network and The Horstman Law of Project Management.

34. Career Tools.

Unlike Manager Tools which focuses on individuals with people management responsibilities, Career Tools applies to every professional. With several hundred podcast in the archives, this podcast is one of the richest audio training resources I have encountered.

Note: If you like to have written materials to enhance your listening experience, you can purchase a license (which also gives you email access to the experts behind Manager Tools).

Recommended Podcasts: The Suspense File, A Notebook And A Pen and Following Up.

35. Get It Done Guy by Stever Robbins.

Delivered in a humorous and engaging style, the Get It Done Guy podcast offers a variety of productivity tips. If you find some of the other podcasts too serious for your liking, I suggest starting with Get It Done Guy. You’ll be amused and learn something at the same time.

36. HBR IdeaCast. Created by the Harvard Business Review, the HBR IdeaCast features short interviews on business trends. In contrast to some of the other podcasts I regularly listen to, HBR seems short (but you may like that).

Past topics covered by the HBR IdeaCast include privacy, confidence, intuition and condensed versions of the Harvard Business Review.

37. The Public Speaker. Produced by the same network as Get It Done Guy, the Public Speaker, hosted by Lisa B. Marshall, offers short lessons on communications.

As project managers, communications is what we do all day. There’s every reason in the world to get better. Despite what the title says, this podcast covers email, meetings and more in addition to traditional public speaking.

E. Other resources

  • PM Resources: An exhaustive list of resources for inventory control, project flow, productivity dashboards, excel resources, product development.
  • APM – Project management resources / Tools: Books, journals, case studies, global events, certifications, credit courses etc. from the Association of Project Management (APM).

F. Certifications


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